TECHNE was born in 1985 with the aim to compete with the dominant position of German companies into manufacturing of shuttle extrusion and blow-molding machines.


Since the beginning the main targets were to fully control the technology and mechanical concepts (extrusion screws and barrel profiles, extrusion heads, operating software, molds) and to manufacture EBM machines including the most recent resources in terms of quality components, mechanical parts with tight tolerances, world-wide available commercial parts and extremely accurate control and test procedures.


In 2007, the first ADVANCE machine was manufactured (with a fully electric motion control system), aimed to replace the hydraulic technology.


In 2008, TECHNE headquarters moved into a completely new premises in Castelguelfo di Bologna, an industrial district close to all facilities and to the motorway. The new 12.000 m² factory includes an important production plant including 18 assembling platforms with separate utilities supplying and an advanced laboratory to test internally all the containers produced in our machines with our industrial moulds.


In over 30 years, over 1.000 machines have been manufactured and delivered in 60 countries, witnessing TECHNE’s leadership in extrusion and blow-molding technology.


Throughout the years and thanks to its capability to innovate and to adapt its range of high quality machines to the final users needs, Techne has reached an incontestable position of leader on the packaging market.

Today though, plastics industry seems to follow the trend of low-cost supply even for high-technology machinery and it seems that profit is directly related to the economic value of investment: this attitude often leads to choices which are not logical for companies that normally have a rational approach to investments.


In appearance, such choices can be justified by the current economic situation and the lack of availability of capital dedicated to investments but they are often dictated by a too short terms vision that lead to other problems in the future.


As usual but more than ever, when times are difficult, the vision becomes more important and investment strategy must be part of an industrial vision that should take into account the essential requirement of machinery today.

The capability to manufacture equipment and packaging and to make know-how available to customers is outstanding in all applications and it represents a competitive edge in terms of final product quality and performance.


Global presence, technical skills and innovation capability allow Techne to offer an entire “solution portfolio” that starts from bottle design to pilot production, extrusion blow moulding machines supply for all kind of innovative resins, including bio-degradable, complete production lines and full training and production management support.


Value is part of Techne DNA and it is made by the people who believe in it and who work with passion and commitment to achieve and to exceed long term results that our most successful partners are looking for.



“In celebrating thirty years of success, we want to thank all those individual and companies which have placed their trust in TECHNE and our long lasting and reliable suppliers which have highly contributed to achieve our position on the market today.“

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