Back in 2012, TECHNE was introducing to the market a new machine concept, which was able to combine the process of blowing and the complexity of filling polyethylene bottles with a significantly high efficiency, being a synchronized mono-bloc unit.


Today, there is a necessity to reduce the total cost of ownership and to optimize process to reach a high reliability with “state of the art” machines and this concept is more than ever actual and sensible.


Particularly suitable for liquid products such as dairy but also for different applications as detergent or personal care, TECHNE was one of the first manufacturer to launch full electric machines, which ensure low maintenance, low consumption and high repeatability of the produced bottles keeping dimensional accuracy at its highest level compared to other EBM machines.



“Flexibility at its best ; UNIKA can handle containers produced in monolayer or with barriers for light and oxygen up to 6 layers.”


“Space-floor reduction ; UNIKA eliminates the need of bottle transport, storage and unscrambling. The machine allows an optimization of the spaces and only need one operator to manage the whole process.”


“Value creation ; UNIKA allows the immediate conversion of packaging material and liquid food in a final product without intermediate stock and subsequent faster added value creation. On top of that, it is suitable to insert an in-mould labeling system which gives an even more unique touch to the bottle produced.”

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